Late film cinema marketing

Education Late film cinema marketing added that every child receives the help different. Depending on the cost of each university.

“They per Late film cinema marketing to $ 2 million, so that $ 4 million a year. So if tuition is less than that yes they are lucky, “said Noah.

Education and Culture Minister M Nuh make a visit to Kupang, NTT in order to see some Indonesian children get scholarships Shutter Mission. According to him, the scholarship is very helpful and intended that all Indonesian children go to school.

“This program him lest there Indonesian children who can not attend school because of the cost,”said M Noah while talking to reporters in Kupang on Monday ( 02/12/2013 ).

Noah said, until there are about 120 thousand students in Indonesia to get the scholarship program. Ddiharapkan the amount will increase in subsequent years.

“In 2010 there were 10 thousand students are helped, in 2011 there were 20 thousand students, in 2012 there were 50 thousand students and next year is expected to reach 65 thousand students. So it could be 3 to 4 years there are about 250 thousand students helped,”said Noah.